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See all reviews: Guadalajara Airport (GDL) - Guadalajara Aeropuerto

Score from 1 review: 7.4
acceptable 7.4
+ The ease in using the web site to book my transfer. During the booking process, I felt I might need to call someone with questions so as an option it would be nice to have a help line for that. At first the web site was hard for me to use, but after I ran through it a few times to see all the questions, it worked out just fine.
- The only thing that would have been better is if the driver spoke English. He did a good job of using google translate on his phone to help us communicate. The driver was about 10 minutes late picking us up at the hotel on our departure so I was getting a little worried that I might need to call a cab. but it all worked out fine. With that in mind, it might have been a good idea for me to have a number to call just in case.
2017-06-28 13:14