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Ciutadella - dist.:46.00km, time:00:50

Cala n Bosch - dist.:55.00km, time:01:00

Cala Galdana - dist.:36.00km, time:00:40

Son Bou - dist.:20.00km, time:00:20

Cala Blanca - dist.:49.00km, time:00:54

Cala n Blanes - dist.:49.00km, time:00:50

Arenal d en Castell - dist.:24.00km, time:00:30

Cala n Forcat - dist.:47.00km, time:00:50

Son Xoriguer - dist.:56.00km, time:01:05

Santo Tomas - dist.:17.00km, time:00:20

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Fuvar értékelése
+ The transfer by itself was more than satisfactory. The staff at the airport, the drivers, their kindness, their ability to help in anyway, that was overall a good experience. I would recommend your services, but with caution. So, I will said yes to the next question.
- The staff on the phone was not available and eventually useless. I was waiting at 07:00am for the transfer which did not come. Managed to get through an English number at 07:30. Her English was ok and she told me I was scheduled at 06:00 and was late. I had to argue about the time... She gave me a phone number (3rd I tried), but it was the wrong country and I was back to the Minorca number. Again, no answer before 08:00 am and the guy who answered (no English at all) could not find the address, name, or anything else. I paid for the taxi to the airport.
2016-05-23 20:00
Fuvar értékelése
kiváló 10
+ All spot on ran like clockwork!
2015-10-19 21:30
Fuvar értékelése
kiváló 10
+ the return to airport pickup was very prompt. we only had 3 groups in the small mini bus so it was quick and slick.
2014-09-09 17:15
Fuvar értékelése
elmegy 5.5
+ Everything was fine but…I would like to have been advised that I needed to go to a booth/office to register my arrival and that I would be given a ticket for my return journey back the airport. Instead my party and I (I have a heart condition) wandered around out side looking for a sign saying fox transfer and by chance I asked a man who directed me, not very well, so I had to walk further than I would have liked.
- …..we had to wait for an hour for an incoming flight from Manchester which never arrived so delaying our arrival at our destination
2014-09-01 09:40
Fuvar értékelése
kiváló 9.8
+ Driver was friendly, perfect car seats for 2 kids , fitted well.
- Nothing
2014-08-24 10:50